What is QCESO?

QCESO, the Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach, is a student-run confederation regrouping student societies of faculties and schools offering engineering programs in the province of Quebec.

Primarily, its goal is to protect, defend and promote its members’, and at the same time all of its students’, interests, accomplishments and developments.

Also, its mandate is to promote, organise, establish, maintain and facilitate the happening of activities, competitions, conferences, games and congress relative to: sciences, teaching, school, sports, socialization, culture, etc. for all its members.

QCESO focuses on promoting the respect of the shared values by the members and the students in terms of: knowledge, be it knowledge-to-act or knowledge-to-be, ethics and competence in engineering, on the professional level as well as on the personal level.

Finally, through its activities, QCESO encourages the advancement and the promotion of sciences and engineering towards students and the public.

If you would like to learn more about QCESO, simply ask the VP-External of your Engineering student society! You can also download an information brochure here!


Here are some of QCESO’s important events in time.

In the beginning, there was “la Fédération des Associations Générales des Étudiants en Génie du Québec” that was created in 1975. FAGEGQ’s purpose was to create a group, made of students, which would facilitate the purchase of the very latest technological tool of the time, a calculator.

CoFIQ, “Coalition des Facultés d’Ingénierie du Québec” was born from the ashes of the FAGEGQ on the 10th of May 1984 by the initiative of the “Association étudiante de Polytechnique” (AEP). AEP was trying to regroup engineering students to organise a mass purchase of computers. The young CoFIQ, after 9 months of effort, obtained from the government a guaranteed program of loans for students to buy micro-computers in February 1985. In May 1990, CoFIQ launched the first “Jeux de l’Ingénierie” to allow students from all the Universities of the province of Quebec to meet in one place. Six months later, 300 students were taking part in the first edition of the Engineering Games held at Université Laval.

1992 was an important year for CoFIQ. From thenon, it would be a new corporation which would be in charge of the Eng Games to protect the other activities of CoFIQ in case of unforeseen events occurring at the Games. Another major reform also allowed AEP to rejoin CoFIQ after quitting it in 1989.

Back to the present day: COFIQ became QCESO in May 2004. This new organisation now regroups both the Quebec Engineering Competition (QEC) and the Engineering Games.

QCESO represents 14 Engineering student societies across the province of Quebec.


QCESO’s activities must respect at least one of the following mandates:

  • to support communication between its members;
  • to promote mutual aid and the common interests of its members;
  • to represent its members at various authorities, when mandated to do so.


QCESO must annually organize friendly competitions or other events, with intellectual and/or academic and/or sporting shutters, and other relevant activities, between students and/or the schools and faculties of engineering of the province of Quebec, while enabling them to communicate and exchange information.

QCESO can take a political position in all the files concerning the engineering students. However, QCESO will never take partisan stances.


President: Romain Gayet

VP-Student Affairs: Magalie Spénard

VP-Internal Affairs: Stéphane Jenkins

VP-Finances: Mina Tcherneva

Executive VP: Alyssa Bouchenak

VP-Political affairs : Adam Samson

Board of Directors

The board of directors is composed of people nominated by the students’ associations to represent them during QCESO’sdecision process. This board includes the presidents of QCESO, theEngineering Games, and the Quebec Engineering Competition, as well as the directors nominated by each student society

QCESO President : Romain Gayet

President of the Engineering Games: Simon Marin

President of the Quebec Engineering Competition: Alexandra Labbé

Directors from student societies:

AEETS : Antoine Delage

AEGUQAC : Érika St-Arnaud

AEGM : Philippe Paquette

AEP : Jordan Ricard

AESGUL : Jeanne Larose-Dutil

AGEG : Roberta Noémie Bonin

BEA : Reda Hansali

CEG-UQO : Vacant

ECA : Nick Hudon

EUS : Jessica Dakkak

ITR : Jérome Hudon

REGAAUL : Rémy Dembout

RGEGR : Anthony Gagnon Proulx

SEEGAT : Pierre-Olivier Côté

Wise guys

The wise guys are former executives or members close to QCESO who, through their involvement, have improved the situation of engineering students.


Mathieu Gilbert
Patricia Boivin
Maxence Lenoir
Louis-Philippe Vallée
Patrick Couture
David Morin
François Corriveau
Simon Desrosiers
Bastien Mony
Marie-Catherine Paquin
Vincent Carignan
Bryan Gingras
Vinh Du
Guillaume Fortin